9 Reasons to Never Check Luggage Again

Besides family, your time and possessions are the most valuable things you travel with. Read on to discover 9 great reasons to travel lighter, faster, and more securely by packing in carry-on luggage only.

No check-in lines and no baggage claim

Waiting to check-in your luggage and at baggage claim is a huge time sink. Remember, this is your hard-earned vacation time! Every minute you’re waiting for a bag is a minute you’re not enjoying yourself. Skip the lines and get right to the fun with your carry-on in tow.

Passport and boarding pass
Image by Nicole Harrington via Unsplash

If you get offered to be bumped, you can do it easily

This situation inspired our “No checked baggage” policy: When a carrier had over-booked a flight, we were offered the opportunity to give up our seats in exchange for first class seats on the next flight, overnight accommodation, and two tickets anywhere in the US. When we rushed up to accept, the agent told us we weren’t eligible because our luggage had already been loaded onto the aircraft. It was at that moment that we vowed never to be tied to our baggage again. We’d go carry-on only forever.

Carry-on luggage in airport
Image by Michal Parzuchowski via Unsplash

Maintain control and security

If your possessions are out of your sight, they’re also out of your control. Checking a bag leaves your clothing, shoes, and valuable possessions at the mercy of baggage handlers who are just trying to get the aircraft loaded or unloaded as quickly as possible. Additionally, you’ll be forced to use bell services at your hotel, once again losing control of your stuff and waiting for your bags to be delivered to your room when you could be enjoying the pool or exploring a new city. Even running to the restroom in the airport is easier when you’re not lugging a giant suitcase with you.

No one else can lose your luggage

Land in London but find that your luggage is headed to Turkey? You’re out of luck! At the very least, you’re going to need to take time out of your holiday to grab a few essentials until your possessions are returned to you. Keeping your bags in your possession eliminates the stress of wondering if your bags are going to arrive at the same destination that you are.

Open bag with clothing and shoes
Image by Elaine Tu via Unsplash

Always have access to your stuff

Ever get chilly on the plane or realize the weather at your destination is drastically different than you expected? Maybe your seat-mate accidentally spills her Bloody Mary all over you during some unexpected turbulence? With ready access to your possessions, you can make a quick change, instead of freezing to death or walking to baggage claim looking like a trauma victim.

Move faster and easier

Big bags are bulky and heavy. Stay nimble and flexible by limiting yourself to a rolling carry-on and a bag/backpack/messenger. You’ll be able to move faster and get ahead of those poor chumps who are lugging huge bags while trudging through giant airports, train stations, or city streets. By limiting everyone to two bags that they can easily carry, all the little choke points involved in moving from place to place (e.g., doors, turnstiles, elevators, and escalators) become easier and smoother.

There are no weight restrictions (yet)

Most airlines don’t enforce weight restrictions on carry-on bags (for now). If you can carry it, you can bring it. Just remember that you’ll still need to be able to hoist it into an overhead bin at some point. No more agonizing about overweight bag fees or reshuffling things at the airport. You will be amazed at how much you can pack into a carry-on with some clever techniques and practice.

It forces you to pack light

Big bags enable the over-packer in all of us! If you start with a big roll-on piece of luggage, you will inevitably fill it. Starting with a small bag will encourage you to focus on what you really need. Remember too, that you can always do laundry (or better yet, have it done for you) at your destination. (We did this on 10-day trips to Bali and Peru; it worked fabulously.)

Airport departures board
Image by Haiqal Osman via Unsplash

Short layovers are easy

If you travel enough, it’s bound to happen. Your first flight will be delayed resulting in a very short layover in which you’ll be rushing you and your entire crew through a huge airport in order to get to your connecting flight. Traveling internationally further complicates this as your checked luggage often has to be in your possession in order to clear customs. All of this takes time and may well prevent you from making that connecting flight and reaching your destination on time.

Skip the baggage claim step, be the first in the Customs line, and never miss a connection again by going carry-on only.

Simplify your life and enjoy more of your vacation by taking carry-ons ONLY!

For your next adventure, commit to traveling lighter by never checking luggage again.


Safe Travels! – A&K


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