How to Get the Most From Your Luxury Hotel

Hotels are more than just your home away from home. They can be your office, oasis, or space to entertain. Check out this list of 8 tips to get the most out of your hotel experience.

Every hotel is your hotel

Any hotel in an unfamiliar city can be a god-send, especially if you need a clean restroom. Waltz right into the lobby as if you are a guest of the hotel and start looking for the lobby restroom. Most are easy to find using the lobby signage and are well-maintained. Pro-tip: They’re often situated near the lobby bar.

Photo: RitzRoséRepeat

Save space

Luxury hotels usually feature high-end toiletries. Save space in your toiletry kit and use the hotel’s offerings. The specific amenities carried by your hotel are often featured on the hotel website.

The K Bar at The Kensington Hotel in London. Photo: RitzRoséRepeat

Plan ahead for special events

If you’re hoping to enjoy a holiday brunch, (Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.) don’t expect that being a hotel guest will guarantee you a seat. Call in advance to secure reservations with the restaurant. Call again before you depart to confirm.

Get ahead of big groups

Call the hotel itself, (not the booking agent) to find out if any large groups (weddings, conferences, reward trips) will be there during your stay. Get as much information as you can about where in the hotel/resort they are staying and what amenities they are using. Use this information to plan your restaurant reservations, spa reservations, court and tee times around the group’s activities. This way, you won’t be blocked by a wedding party taking over the spa or a reward trip group blocking a whole morning’s worth of tee times.

Executive lounge at  London Marriott Hotel Park Lane
The Club Lounge at the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane. Photo: RitzRoséRepeat

Ask about Club Lounge access

You don’t necessarily have to have status with a hotel to buy access to the Club Lounge. Often, you can save a significant amount of money by leveraging the club lounge’s daily food offerings and alcohol. Many clubs have dedicated concierges that can assist you with reservations and recommendations. If you’re entertaining other business travelers, the Club Lounge offers a safe and refined space with built-in amenities — so much better than hosting in your room or suite.

Control your environment

Many hotels have locked their in-room thermostats so that they can’t go lower than a certain temperature. Search the brand and model of the thermostat on YouTube to find the appropriate button combinations to override these locks and stay cool.

Suite at St. Regis, Rome, Italy
Photo: RitzRoséRepeat

Check everything first

Upon entering the room for the first time, check everything for cleanliness and functionality. Better to find out that the toilet leaks, or that the air conditioning squeals right away, than to discover it when you’re ready for bed. Take pictures of anything you discover to assist management in understanding and correcting your problem as quickly as possible.

The lobby of The St. Regis Washington DC.
Photo: RitzRoséRepeat

Sign up for the hotel’s loyalty program

It costs you nothing, but will often gain you small perks, (like free WiFi) that otherwise would have cost you or your company money.

A little preparation and attention will help you get maximum value and enjoyment out of your hotel.

Try these tips out at one of the luxury hotels and resorts we’ve reviewed.

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Safe travels!



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